Welcome to our practical info. Here we bundle the questions that we are most often asked. So if you have a question, you can find the answer here! Still not found? Do not hesitate to contact us .

Are you short of yarn?

For a shortage you can always fill in our warranty form:

Our customer service will help you as soon as possible and will send you the wire for free.

Why don’t you release DMC numbers?

We no longer give away DMC numbers to prevent illegal copies. Are you short of thread? Then you can always fill in our warranty form on one of our websites.

We thank you for understanding our position.

I would like to make changes to the kit.

How nice! We always like it when our customers get to work creatively. However, this is not included in the price. So if you would like a different fabric or thread color, our guarantee rule does not apply. You will be responsible for the costs of these extras yourself.

I have a kit with blue and pink yarn, but I don’t really understand the legend.

The symbols are based on the blue design. Since there are also pink colors in the blue design, the pink colors will sometimes have double symbols in the pink version.
For example “1 = X + O”
When you embroider the pink version, both symbols represent number 1 and are therefore embroidered in the same color.

How do I make cross stitches on a tablecloth?

With a tablecloth you do not have to count threads in the fabric. The crosses are a little further apart to make it clearer and easier. You just have to embroider over the pre-printed crosses, so that the crosses are right next to each other. When embroidering, you will also see that not every cross is the same size, and that the pre-printed cross is sometimes still visible. Don’t worry, you can wash the ink out easily.

Aïda vs. count vs. linen

Aïda: Embroider your crosses from hole to hole. Your gusset will cover 4 holes.
Counting fabric: Embroider your crosses over 2 threads of the fabric. Your gusset will cover 9 holes.
Linen: The same principle as with counting fabric, embroider over 2 threads of the fabric.

How many threads should I embroider with?

First and foremost, this depends on the stitch. You can find a schematic on the diagram of the legend in your kit. That chart shows exactly how many threads you should use with which stitch.

What does 1/6 mean?

1 DMC thread has 6 threads. You have to split these before you can start embroidering. Take 1 thread of these 6 to make your stitches. If the legend says “2/6”, you have to take 2 threads to make your crosses.

For example, what does “30-31” mean in the legend?

“30-31”: Both have the same color. Our pre-production team divides this color over 2 holes (because there are too many threads). Take 2 threads of color 30. (When all threads of number 30 are gone, you can start with number 31).

Why is 1 color divided over 2 holes of the thread card?

When there is too much thread of 1 color, it will be divided over 2 holes. It may therefore be that the same color is spread over 2 holes.

How do I keep the colors of the package beautiful during washing?

A little trick we use is to add a dash of vinegar to the water. This keeps your colors beautiful.

What does (for example) “10 + 11” mean in the legend?

“10 + 11”: You take a thread of color 10 + 1 thread of color 11 = cross stitch in 2 colors
“30 (31) +32 (33)”: 30 and 31 have the same color. 32 and 33 have the same color. Take 1 strand of color 30 + 1 strand of number 32 = cross stitch in 2 colors. The same goes for numbers 31 + 33.

Where do you find the needle in a cross-stitch kit?

You can find the needle in the corner of the canvas.

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