New at Verachtert!

New to Verachtert’s product line is Editex. Editex is a wholesaler of fashion fabrics with more than half a century of experience. For example, the brand has a carefully curated collection of its own. With this collection they want to stimulate everyone to create their own identity. That’s why she got the name Signature . This Signature collection responds to the latest trends. Moreover, it is known for its great diversity and high quality.

New partner at Verachtert! Over the years, Editex has built up collaborations with a number of important partners. As a result, several new collections have been added to the range. They also have some private labels in house. They are very proud to be able to distribute Eva Mouton’s collection. After all, this is a collection with a distinct individuality. The fabrics with fun prints are perfect for small (and big) rascals! They also collaborate with Louise Le Loup, an artist who thinks out of the box. From her pen appeared the collection “Le Loup Art. This collection includes rebellious prints on soft french terry and jersey fabrics.
In the spring of 2020, Editex was taken over by the Verachtert Group . One of Verachtert’s great strengths is the high quality they deliver every time. The takeover provides an explosion of expertise under one roof!