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Find all the curtain accessories you need at Verachtert. Nowadays we prefer to do everything ourselves. The whole DIY culture is something that causes people to live more sustainably. You focus on unique, sturdy and quality products by selecting your own supplies. So why not make your own curtains? This way they are always tailor-made and to your taste. Because you choose which fabric to work with. With the nice curtain accessories from Verachtert you can finish your curtains perfectly. In our webshop you can find different types of accessories. With each fabric, you can choose the perfect matching accessories. First and foremost, we offer different types of curtain tape. In addition, you can also choose between hanging hooks in different materials. We also have a wide range of click rings. Finally, we also offer sliders and other hanging systems. So however you want to finish your curtains, with us you are certainly in the right place for all your necessities. We also always choose materials of the highest quality. That way you can be sure your curtains will hang securely for years to come. Find everything for your perfect curtains in our webshop.


Curtain accessories from brands such as Antex, Bandex, Prym and Rufflette.