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There is nothing more useful to get inspiration than fun books & magazines. We have a wide range of books on knitting, crochet, amigurumi, sewing, and much more. We also carry the magazines La Maison Victor, Burda and Knipmode in our range. In these magazines you will find not only inspiration and the latest trends, but also patterns. This way you can get started immediately! Combine with Editex’s selected fabrics and make your outfit ready to wear. Are you a beginner or do you already know the tricks of the trade? We have tailor-made books and magazines for everyone. Dive into a book, choose your next project and get started! Be sure to take a look at the webshop for the entire selection.


Find books on different types of handicrafts at Verachtert. From sewing clothes to knitting and crocheting , something for everyone! A book is timeless and can be discovered again and again. Find all our inspirational books in the webshop.


The best magazines for extra inspiration can be found at Verachtert. So you can always find the latest La Maison Victor, Burda and Knipmode in our collection. Stay on top of the latest trends with these up-to-date magazines.